The zombie apocalypse moved surprisingly fast.

It’s been months since a nuclear accident created a mutated strain of the common cold, unleashing an undead epidemic that spread like wildfire.  Billions are undead, society as we know it is gone, and the last survivors huddle in colonies where every day, the living learn to envy the dead.  One by one, the last bastions of humanity are being overrun.

But there are rumours of a cure.  Wandering madmen, insane with desperation spread word of a research facility that might be mankind’s last hope, hidden in the most frozen reaches of the deadliest place on earth.


You and your team are the human race’s last chance. Infiltrate the polar outpost, find the cure, and release it to save humanity. 

But be quick.  Zombies eat your brain in 60 minutes. 

…They’re reliable like that.


  • Difficulty Level: Medium

  • Good for families, zombie content warning advised

  • Accommodates 3-6 players

  • Private booking: It will only be you and your team in the game

  • Accessibility: The Cure For The Common Zombie is located in the basement, and can only be accessed using stairs. There is a strobe light in the game that can be turned off by request.

  • Located at Improbable Escapes HQ: 303 Bagot Street, Suite 16B in Kingston (right in the heart of downtown Kingston)

the cure for the common zombie


Improbable Escapes HQ
303 Bagot Street
Suite 16B
Kingston, ON
K7K 5W7


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