Cure for the Common Zombie FAQ

  1. If I make a booking, will anyone else be added to my game? No, all of our games are private games. This means once you book in, no one else will be added to your game.

  2. Is it scary? No, this game is not scary. There are props that are human-like, but these are for the design and will not move or make noise. The game was designed to be family friendly and is not filled with zombies.

  3. Are there any jumps or scares? We promise this isn’t a horror game. There are no jumps or scares.

  4. Is it physical or are there any physical challenge elements? Players must use stairs to go into and come out of the game. There is one space in which players will have to crawl or crouch. Only one or two people are needed to complete this challenge. However, if assistance is required for this game hosts will help.

  5. Is this game appropriate for kids? This game is family friendly.

  6. What are the minimum and maximum number of players?  The minimum is 3 players and the maximum is 6.

  7. What is the escape rate for this game?  The escape rate is around 35%. This is one of our easier escape room challenges.