The TriWizard Trials

It’s happened: you and your friends have been selected to attend Wizzle Wozzle’s Academy of Wizardry, the world-famous school for students of the magical arts.

For centuries, countless clairvoyants and conjurers have begun their careers at Wizzle Wozzle’s, trained under the watchful eye of Headmaster Margaret Meedstool. Graduates go on to glory and greatness, but the Academy accepts only the most promising witchlings and would-be-warlocks! All aspiring apprentices must pass the Academy’s entry exam, and it’s your turn to be tested.

The Triwizard Trials will take all of your sorcerous skills. Brew potions, charm mythical beasts, and prepare for your final test: a challenge of heart, mind and magic that reveals the true character of those who attempt it… For better or for worse.

With a flick of a wand and a little bit of luck, prove yourself worthy of wizardry! Enter the halls of Wizzle Wozzle’s Academy, cast your way through the entrance exam, and take your place amongst history’s mightiest sorcerers!

Enrolment begins now!

Welcome to the Academy.

  • This is a Harry Potter inspired game - our creators are serious Potterheads!

  • Family friendly experience

  • Accommodates 4-14 players. 60 minute game

  • Private booking: It will be only you and your group inside the game. Strangers will not be added.

  • Difficulty: TBD

  • Accessibility: This game is located in the basement and can only be accessed using the stairs.

  • Escape Rate: TBD

  • Fastest Escape: TBD



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