Meet our team

Each staff member is empowered with escape room awesomeness. 

emma rochon improbable escapes

Emma Rochon, Co-Founder

Emma is the head of Game Development for Improbable Escapes Inc. She comes from a biochemistry and escape room background, and leads our team towards creating fun and exciting new experiences! You can catch her creating puzzles on the daily - sounds fun, right?!

melissa eapen improbable escapes

Melissa Eapen, Co-Founder

Melissa is the head of Business & Marketing for Improbable Escapes Inc. She comes from a psychology, computer science, and pre-service firefighting background. If you follow us on any of our social media channels - she's the voice behind Improbable Escapes!

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Brandon Asselbergs, Assistant Manager

Brandon is a budding Arts & Education professional in Kingston, ON. He attended Queen's University for an education spanning the worlds of theatre, mathematics, business, writing, and teaching. A self-proclaimed "hoot/dog person," Brandon relies on his wits, his heart, and his humour in the workplace, making him a fabulous addition to a fabulous-er team! 

adam ellis improbable escapes

Adam Ellis, Game Builder / Developer

Adam is our "everything" guy - and we mean everything. He builds all of our experiences, and is a valuable member of our game development team. If you play any of our games and see any of the secret passageways or "magic" moments in the games - Adam built that!

devon ellis improbable escapes

Devon Ellis, Set Designer

Devon comes to Improbable Escapes with a vast amount of design knowledge; she worked in film and television and helps makes all of our props and sets look fully immersive (and indestructible!). P.s. Devon and Adam are siblings - what a power duo. 

iain bell improbable escapes

Iain Bell, Game Developer

Iain is one of Improbable Escapes' first employees, from back in 2015! He's held various positions over the years, from Game Host, to Social Media Manager, to General Manager, and now works on our Game Development team. He also works with Fort Fright at Fort Henry National Historic Site. 

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Izaaq Verk, Game Host

Izaaq has spent his whole life pursuing his love for story telling. He has worked as a Wedding and Gift Registry Consultant, Home Staging Assistant, Roofing Assistant, and now as a Game Host here at Improbable Escapes! In his free time he writes, watches Critical Role, and DMs a game of D&D with his friends!

elisabeth santos improbable escapes

Elisabeth Santos, Game Host

Liz is a professional singer and soundtrack music composer, performing both near and far (currently as far as Japan).  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Queen’s University, enhanced with studies in Drama and Film, and has an abundance of experience performing in local theatre productions. Her passions include the wide spectrum of visual arts, and an ardent love of Japanese animation and culture.  She’s happy to be a member of the team in the creative world of escape rooms.

christian milanovic improbable escapes

Christian Milanovic, Shift Lead

Christian is our eccentric theatre and creativity enthusiast. Whenever a live actor is required for our games, chances are that you will seem him on the front lines. This job is perfect for him because he only wishes to make daily life more memorable, by giving it a healthy dose of whimsy.

megan shaw improbable escapes

Megan Shaw, Game Host

Outside of Improbable Escapes, you can find Megan backpacking, canoeing, or hiking as much as possible. She’s also a self-identified foodie and dog mom! She loves experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, knitting and crochet, and frequent trips to the dog park. If you ask her anything about her passions, she’ll enthusiastically talk your ear off until you love them too! 

laura brak improbable escapes

Laura Brak, Game Host

Laura is a graduate of the University of Guelph, with a Bachelor's degree in geography and biology, and is currently in school to become a nurse. She can most often be found watching reruns of The Office and RuPaul's Drag Race, and has an unhealthy love for Cambodian and Thai food. Fun fact: she broke her leg playing roller derby and now has 10 screws in her left tibia!

emily kelly improbable escapes

Emily Kelly, Game Host

Emily is a high school student who spends her dreams fantasizing about going to Middle-earth. She's know as being an animal whisperer and a geek. She loves all things artsy, from drawing to painting to photography. She strives to be an actress and work in films and shows. She also has a passion for special effects makeup. When she has nothing better to do, she's usually solving riddles & puzzles! 

drae marciano improbable escapes

Drae Marciano, Game Host

Bio coming soon

erica mason improbable escapes

Erica Mason, Game Host

Erica is a recent graduate of the Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence College where she also graduated from Advertising and Marketing. Erica brings her love for creativity and her optimistic outlook on life to the team. When not at Improbable Escapes you can find her exploring the town, taking photos, or watching a film.

michelle improbable escapes

Michelle Pakulski, Game Host

Michelle is currently studying cognitive science at Queen’s University, where she explores this interdisciplinary study of the mind and its processes. Outside of class, Michelle explores the great outdoors, taking every opportunity to go on a road trip or camping enthusiastically! Working at Improbable Escapes matches her intrinsic drive for adventure, as she hosts different teams, ultimately experiencing new journeys everyday with everyone. What’s better than that!

The Improbable Escapes Team, June 2018

The Improbable Escapes Team, June 2018

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