Love Letter Lockdown FAQ

  1. If I book this game, will anyone else be added to my booking? No! All of our games are private games.

  2. How physical is this game? There is a small crawling, however only one player is required to complete them or can be opted out of and their game host can guide the team past those points.   

  3. Is it okay for children? This game is family friendly.

  4. Is this a good beginner game? Yes, this game is a great base to start your escape adventures.

  5. What are the minimum and maximum number of players? The minimum is 2 players and the maximum is 16. Once the group number is past eight the team is divided into two groups and the game is divided into two halves. The two groups will play in one half for 30 mins then they switch.

  6. What is the escape rate for this game?  The escape rate is around 35%.