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You have been tasked with a new mission by your archaeological team: you must enter a Mayan temple and secure the lost cup of the King. You gather your most trusted allies, jump in a helicopter, and embark on an adventure to find this highly sought after cup that has been missing for thousands of years. You and your team must be prepared to crawl through the jungle, slide into the temple, and discover the ancient secrets of the Mayan people. This comes with one catch: the helicopter will leave in one hour, with or without you. 

  • This game has physical aspects, so please dress comfortably
  • Accommodates 3-16 players
  • Private booking: It will only be you and your group in the game
  • If any member of your group has mobility issues, please contact us prior to booking your experience


Have you ever wanted to officially be on the Improbable Escapes Leader-board?

Our newest game gives you the ability to participate in bonus puzzles, which will be clearly marked, to earn points and see how you stack up against other teams. The bonus puzzles are not necessary to complete the game but are an there to enhance the game experience. The puzzles will test your escape room enthusiast title and allow you to earn bonus points for overall escape time, number of hints used, bonus puzzles solved, and bonus items found! Do you think you have what it takes to be in our top 10? Book today to find out! 

Oh and did we mention this leader-board will be publicly displayed? It will be on display in our lobby for all to see!


Tuesdays - Thursdays: $25 per person (save the tax!)

Fridays - Sundays: $25 + tax per person



Improbable Escapes HQ
303 Bagot Street
Suite 16B
Kingston, ON
K7K 5W7