JAIL break

Did you know that we can bring a game to you? We run a 10 minute "pop-up" escape room experience that requires an 8 foot by 8 foot space. Here's the theme: 

Set in the roaring twenties, prohibition is in full swing. You and your friends have been caught at an illegal speakeasy and arrested! You’ve bribed the jail guard to turn their back for 10 minutes, so you can plan your escape but time is running out! Will you be able to escape the long arm of the law and get back to a night of drinking and dancing?

  • Family friendly adventure themed experience
  • 4 players every 15 minutes
  • Great for team building, corporate events, schools, libraries, weddings, stag & does, hotels, and more!
  • A great sample of an escape room

We often run this game with free admission at various public city events! Let us know if you'd like to see Jail Break at your next event by filling out the form! Please give us as much detail as possible so we can give you accurate information for your event!

jail break pop up escape room
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