Gift guide from Improbable Escapes

It’s getting close to the holidays! And you know what that means, it’s time to start holiday shopping!

We have a bunch of different gifts that can satisfy any curious mind and any budget!

Give the Gift that.png

Gift Cards

Purchase a gift card for the escapee in your life! Our gift cards come in player increments, so you can purchase a gift card for any amount of people in your life!

Currently, our gift cards are on sale for Black Friday. Limited quantities available, purchase before they’re sold out!


Escape Room Board Games

Want to play an escape room at home during the holidays? Or give the gift of escape rooms that can be played anywhere? We sell a variety of escape room board games, and they’re all $19.99 plus tax each! Pretty affordable, and a lot of fun!


Puzzles and Ciphers

Are you into different types of puzzles and ciphers? We’ve got you covered. We make a variety of puzzles and ciphers in house for your puzzle-loving friends.