Ghost Town FAQ

  1. If we book the game, I want it to be just me and my friends. Is that possible? All of our games are private bookings, which means once you’ve booked in, no one else can!

  2. How much time do we get to play? Players have 90 minutes to play this game.

  1. How does an outdoor game work? We will provide teams with props and a map. The players follow the map stopping at special points on the map and solving the puzzles. Eventually the team makes their way back to Improbable Escapes HQ and players complete the ending.

  2. How long is the route or how far are we walking? It is roughly one kilometer of walking.

  3. Are there actors? No, there are no live actors in this game.

  4. Is it scary? Although players will visit spots that are rumoured to be haunted, the game and route itself is not scary. It was designed to be a family friendly game.

  5. How do we get clues? The hint system for this game is through texting. We will text you the clues when you ask for help. There is no clue maximum for this game.

  6. What are the minimum and maximum number of players?  The minimum is 2 players and the maximum is 6.