Field trips are educational experiences that allow students to apply their lessons to the real world. These are often some of the most memorable moments of a students career. Let's help make your field trip a memorable one!

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  • Teachers and supervisors play free (1 free teacher/supervisor per group of 8 student players)

  • Cost per person with a group of more than 18 students: $15 + tax

  • Cost per person with a group of fewer than 18 students: $17.70 + tax

  • Book with a minimum of 30 people between Monday-Thursday and the entire facility is yours! You will have a completely private space.

  • There's adequate space for students to eat their lunches and snacks while in our facility (up to 30 minutes if requested)

  • Located conveniently in downtown Kingston

  • We can provide insurance certificates, emergency plans and other paperwork for your administration

Our students really loved the trip to Improbable Escapes! It was like they were transported into a different world, but it was a life-sized game. They were really impressed with the design of the rooms, and I was impressed with how active they were as they called out ideas to each other and eventually brainstormed the solutions needed to break out. It was an excellent experience for team building!
— Amy Claxton, Grade 7/8 Teacher

Why choose Improbable Escapes for your next field trip?

Improbable Escapes has years of experience running escape rooms for students. Also, the Improbable Escapes team travels through North America giving lectures and talks on gamification - learning through play. We are huge advocates for learning and how to place high value on certain educational components. Plus, we're rated as Kingston's #1 Fun Thing To Do! Below are some examples of what your students will gain by playing an escape room at Improbable Escapes:

Increase Teamwork

Organize your teams and mix students in a strategic way. Allow them to build stronger relations with other students that they may not necessarily interact with otherwise.


New perspective is gained by students while playing escape room games at Improbable Escapes. They interact with different stories and ideas, which force them to think outside the box.


Escape rooms allow for variety outside of routine lesson plans. Instead of learning in a classroom, students can actively learn and use teamwork, communication, and leadership principles.

Interest In New Professions

The Improbable Escapes team has a very vast educational background (i.e. Communications, Biochemistry, Psychology, Computer Science, Art, Firefighting, Industrial Electrical Engineering Tech and more). We're always happy to talk to students about various education paths that lead to working in a very creative industry. 


Leadership skills are both taught and used organically in escape rooms. Natural leaders often step up to help take control of the group, while quiet participants also become leaders by solving puzzles and using their skill-sets to become involved in the experience.


Escape rooms force students out of their shells and to communicate with each other in a new environment. During an escape room, they can connect on a personal level that is harder to replicate in a classroom. 

field trips kingston ontario

Interested in building an escape room with your students around the curriculum? We can help!

One of our game developers can come to your class and help create puzzles around topics in your curriculum with your students. This teaches them about different topics in fun and engaging ways. The Improbable Escapes team has traveled throughout North America lecturing and giving talks on learning through gameplay, so we're very experienced in helping people learn through playing puzzles. Please contact us for a quote.

Ready to book or looking for more information? Call us at 343-333-3463, send us an email at, or fill out the form below.

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