We have games available for and suitable for all ages. All of our games are extremely fun and will challenge you and your team!


Cost to play @ Improbable Escapes: $25 per person (tax included)
Cost to play offsite Historic Locations: $25 per person plus applicable taxes

Love Letter Lockdown

A family friendly game with a minimum of 2 players required to make a booking. Located at Improbable Escapes HQ in downtown Kingston. Fun and challenging game for all ages!

Coroner's Report

Suggested for players over the age of 16, Coroner's Report will spook you. Not recommended for those with heart conditions. Located at Improbable Escapes HQ. Thrilling and exciting game!

Limited Edition Experience

Limited Edition Experience

Catch Me Outside

An outdoor puzzle-hunt experience for the whole family! This game will  begin and end at Improbable Escapes HQ but will take you on a tour of downtown Kingston while you solve clues and puzzles! 

Limited Edition Experience

Limited Edition Experience

Siege The Tower

You and your team must seize the tower and capture insurgents.  But with nothing left to lose, the remaining soldiers won’t surrender without a fight.

Breach the barricade. Outwit the rebels. Save Murney Tower.