Improbable Escapes Inc. has been creating games and products for escape room owners and facilities across the world. We offer custom game designs, pop up game plans, puzzle props, as well as consulting.

Game Plans for Sale

Improbable Escapes has put together tried and tested room packages which are perfect for either in-house or pop up games. 


Improbable Escapes has been creating games in partnership with Parks Canada and other facilities since 2015. Considered leaders in pop-up games, Improbable Escapes’ game designers are available for consultation. Here are some of our areas of expertise: 

  • Pop Up Games

  • Bringing your game to another facility
  • Partnering with local historic sites and museums
  • Puzzle Design
  • Story-line creation
  • Game Design
  • Creating games for large groups

Where You Can Meet Us

We are frequently at different trade shows, such as Transworld or Room Escape Show. Come and say hello if you see us! As we create custom games and props, we urge you to contact us to get more information. 

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