Christmas Party at Improbable Escapes

Show your staff you appreciate all their hard work by bringing them to Improbable Escapes for a night out! It's team building without feeling like team building. You'll go from being the office zero to being the office hero! Send your staff into the New Year laughing all the way back to their desk!

office Christmas party improbable escapes

Why should I bring my office to Improbable Escapes?

Escape rooms are a great way to celebrate the holidays with your staff and show them your appreciation for all their hard work! 

We love hosting holiday parties! Everyone is in a good mood and has a great time playing! And the memories from escape rooms tend to last a lifetime (or at least until their back at work in the New year)!

office Christmas party improbable escapes

How do I become the office hero?

Maybe there was that one time you did something and everyone in the office won't let you live it down. Or maybe your the "all work and no play" type of boss. 

Don't be the office zero anymore and bring your staff to Improbable Escapes to escape this holiday season! They'll forget all about that thing you did that one time and replace those memories with the memories of the escape room!