Coroner’s Report FAQ

  1. Will anyone else be added to my group? No. All of our games are private bookings.

  2. How scary is it? For the hour that players are in the game our game hosts will be actively trying to spook, scare and make players scream. It is similar to a haunted house.

  3. Can you make it less scary for me? No, we can’t. Making it less scary ruins the experience and isn’t possible. If you can’t handle scary games, we suggest looking at one of our other games.

  4. Is it okay for kids? We strongly advise against players under the age of 16 playing this game. However it is up to the parents’ discretion. Players under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  5. Will I need my glasses? It is strongly recommended you bring your glasses if you need them for reading.

  6. Is it physical or are there any physical challenge elements? Players must use stairs to go into and come out of the game. There are no physical challenges or elements other than walking to and from different spots in the game.

  7. Will I be grabbed? In this game there is the potential you will be grabbed.

  8. What are the minimum and maximum number of players?  The minimum is 3 players and the maximum is 8.

  9. What is the escape rate? The escape rate is around 25%.

  10. What is the recommended minimum age for this game? We recommend that the player be minimum 16 years of age. If the player is under 16, they will need their an adult to sign a waiver for them and chaperone them.