catch me outside

Your great grandfather has passed away leaving you an inheritance. You have been given specific instructions to go and visit the family lawyer, G. Dempster, to find out about it. Upon arriving at the lawyer’s office, your lawyer explains, “as you know your great grandfather loved puzzles, and has set up quite the quest for you to claim your inheritance” he then hands you a backpack and wishes you luck. So, you set out on your quest, but things aren’t always as easy as they appear.

  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Family friendly adventure themed experience
  • Accommodates 2-8 players, 4-6 is recommended
  • Private booking: It will only be you and your team in the game
  • Not a traditional escape room: takes you throughout downtown Kingston
  • Meeting Place: 303 Bagot Street, Improbable Escapes
  • Dress comfortably and for the weather
  • Take advantage of the summer weather and play an escape room game outside!
  • BONUS: Please bring an item from your home, of little value, to place in our time capsule. In return, you will have your choice of items currently in the capsule! For example: a mug.




Improbable Escapes HQ
303 Bagot Street
Suite 16B
Kingston, ON
K7K 5W7