We Turned 3 And Dressed Up Like Zombies To Celebrate!

On May 7, 2018, we officially turned three years old.

This is a really big deal for us.

For those of you that don't know much about Improbable Escapes, the company was started by two young women in the spring of 2015. They had prior experience in the escape room industry, fell in love with Kingston, and wanted to start their own escape experience here. Improbable Escapes was born to bring Kingston something fun to do!

The first three years was a heavy growing period for the company. We had our first location at 298 Bagot Street, and then moved into 303 Bagot Street (right across the street, in LaSalle Mews)! We've created over 30 games, and work closely with different organizations (mostly museums and historic sites), to create fun experiences! This year we are working with brand new museums that we've never worked with before. Yay!

Most people know the cliche "it takes 5 years for a business to become successful", and we completely understand why. There's a lot of learning opportunities, growth, setbacks, and more, that takes place within the first few years of running a business. We're finally getting into a good groove, and so proud of our team. We have a strong full-time team made up of game developers and managers, and an amazing game host team that brings customers and other staff so much positivity and excitement.

Zombie Prom on May 7th at Improbable Escapes

Zombie Prom on May 7th at Improbable Escapes

When we decided to release The Cure For The Common Zombie, hosting "Zombie Prom" popped into my mind. What a great excuse to get dressed up, have some fun, and celebrate completing our third year of business. We had some amazing sponsors, such as David's Tea and Wing Studios

It was an incredible event, and there was a moment where we were able to look around and see how much happiness Improbable Escapes has brought to so many people. In the past, our events were majority our staff, but at this event, there was a high amount of individuals that we had never met before that loved Improbable Escapes! It was absolutely unreal to see how many people had an amazing time with us as customers and wanted to support the company as much as possible. We had a Zom-bae and Zom-boo crowning (get it?!), where attendees voted for the best dressed prom go-ers! Check out these two AWESOME costumes and winners of this contest (they didn't even come together- they just both had really great costumes)!

Zom-bae and Zom-boo at Improbable Escapes

Zom-bae and Zom-boo at Improbable Escapes

We're excited to see where our fourth year of business (isn't that insane?!) takes us! Thank you so much for your support, and we hope to bring you more great games! (Ps. If you haven't played The Cure For The Common Zombie, make sure to do it! It's such an incredible game!) 

All photos taken by Mike Wing of Wing Studios.

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