Things to do Tonight in Kingston

Kingston, Ontario is a buzzing little city, and there is certainly no shortage of things to keep you busy. Whether you live here, just passing through on a weekend, or are staying to visit family and vacation, there is something for everyone here!

We thought we would put together a little list of things to do tonight (or any night!) in Kingston!

Things to do Tonight:

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1. Come to Improbable Escapes!

Improbable Escapes is Kingston's premier escape room experience and is rated as Kingston's #1 fun thing to do. All those ratings can't be wrong, right? Bring the family for a family friendly escape, or if you're looking for something to get your heart racing, it's an adult's night out for Coroner's Report! Bookings can be made online here or by calling 1-800-570-0436

2. Eat your heart out!

Kingston is known for having the most restaurants per capita. On any city block you can find many different cuisines, something for everyone's taste buds! In the downtown core we have some amazing locally owned and operated businesses that you must try! Some of our favourites include: Atomica Gourmet Pizza & Wine Bar, Dianne's Fish Shack & Smokehouse, Harper's Burger Bar, Woodenheads, & Tango Nuevo. This is only the tip of the ice berg on the amazing restaurants we have here, just ask TripAdvisor

3. Explore the city's History!

Kingston has a rich history as the first capital of Canada when Sir John A. MacDonald was Prime Minister. We have many historic buildings here which are all part of a UNESCO heritage site, including Fort Henry and the Martello Towers. If you're looking for a great way to take in a lot of the city's attractions, check out KPASS, your ticket to the city! You pay one price for either a 24, 48 or 72 hour KPASS which gives you access to so many of Kingston's fun things to do!

4. Get your Gelato fix!

mio gelato logo

But first, what is gelato anyways? So many people are in love with this cool(pun intended) treat, but do they really know what it is? Well, I'll tell you, or better yet Google will, but I will reiterate in my own words. Simply put, gelato is Italian ice cream, which just makes it sound fancy. It has the same base as ice cream a mixture of milk, cream and sugar, and is typically flavoured with fruit and nut purées. Here in Kingston, we have an amazing little gelato shop called Mio Gelato. The perfect addition to a walk by the water on warm summer evenings. Which brings me to #5...

5. Get Outside! 

Kingston has one of the most expansive waterfronts, stretching all along the south side of the city. With so much waterfront and lots of places to stop to watch the waves crashing, boats sailing or just passing the time, not to mention it's completely FREE! There is so much beauty in getting back to basics and just enjoying time outside without a screen, people watching and taking in the sounds and sights around you. So, get outside! 

Well, this brings us to the end of the "Things to do Tonight" blog post! I hope we opened your eyes to some new things you maybe didn't know existed in this city of ours, or we at least gave you some insight into the things you'd been thinking about doing. If you do stop into any of the above mentioned places, make sure you let them know how you heard about them! We love connecting people in our city! 

Happy Summer and Happy exploring! Come see us at Improbable Escapes!