Thinking about an event for your office? A way to treat your employees for a job well-done? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to bring your team closer together?

Consider Improbable Escapes for your corporate events and team building needs! We have an expansive lobby which can accommodate large group sizes. The ambiance of the overhead skylights and over-sized couches provide a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Our games provide a unique opportunity for team building. Learn how your employees think and interact with each other when in a high pressure situation. Come and get locked in a room for an hour and work together to solve puzzles and of course, escape!

Contact us today to see what the options are for you and your office! We can also provide team building workshops outside of the escape room experience to challenge your team even more!

Send us an email – or call us 1-800-570-0436!

Melissa Eapen