You would think as an escape room business we would have a million keys to carry around and combinations to remember … And you would be correct, however we have found ourselves in some interesting situations as well.

Example #1 – While exploring our new space at 303 Bagot, Emma (one of our owners) managed to get herself trapped inside a very tiny, dark room. However, this was not entirely her fault, as it was a faulty doorknob. This room is now aptly named “Emma’s Room” because of this incident. Please note: the doorknob has since been replaced.

Now, for the true Great Escape story. We had just opened our new space and people were coming to try our new game, Schoolyard Crush. A nostalgic game with a family friendly theme that takes us all back to those days of our first crush.

It was a Saturday evening, the day after we officially reopened. Adeline and Laura were the game hosts for the evening and were running back to back games in Schoolyard Crush. Laura is a new game host here at Improbable Escapes so Adeline was showing her the ropes on game hosting. During one of the games that evening, Adeline and Laura both entered the game to offer the team a hint to progress in the game. After offering their hint, they turned to exit the game. What they both failed to realize when they closed the door behind them, was that the door was locked and so were all of the others. They were trapped inside the game, while a team was trying to escape.

Adeline and Laura had no idea how they too, would escape from the game. After sometime, and discussing what to do next, they had to confess to the team that they were stuck inside. One of the phases of the game is an office, complete with computer and internet access. They quickly determined the computer was their only outlet to the outside world, where someone could come and free them and the team from the game!

Some frantic Facebook messages, emails and phone calls later. They were finally freed.

Lesson learned – always ALWAYS have spare keys to every door even if that door is never supposed to be locked. We now have doubles and triples of every lock and door that exists within our four walls. We have also replaced door knobs on exit doors in rooms so that they cannot be locked.

Until next time!

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