Announcing "Kingston is a GHOST TOWN", Improbable Escapes' Newest Outdoor Adventure!

In 2016, we started playing around with the idea of creating an "outdoor escape room/scavenger hunt" hybrid to explore the streets of Downtown Kingston. We hadn't heard of any other companies doing experiences like this in a city environment before, so we wanted to explore and see if we could do it! As far as we know, we're the first escape room company to create this type of outdoor downtown experience!

date night improbable escapes

Thus, our first outdoor experience, Date Night, was born. In February 2017, we announced our first deconstructed escape room/scavenger hunt game where teams could sign up as a group of 2 (or a couple. Get it? Date night?!). We partnered up with Colliding Scopes Theatre and many downtown Kingston businesses to bring this experience to the public. Players were set to be spies, and received mysterious phone calls about their code names and starting time and locations. Their mission: track down the notorious Mr. and Mrs. X and intercept the drop off of the Elizabeth Jubilee Star Diamond that they’ve stolen. 

It was a fantastic night, and we had 150 couples participate in the game! We were so lucky to have the support of Downtown Kingston!, and various businesses such as Alchemy House, Novel Idea, Blueprint (now Whit), Alibi, MLTDWN, Barcadia, CrossFit Queen, CRAVE Coffee House, Balzac's Coffee Roasters, Nexus, General Brock's Commissary, Musiiki Cafe, 1000 Islands Soap Company, Minotaur, The Public House, and so many more businesses! 

Date Night proved to be a fun one-day experience, so we thought about opening a long-standing outdoor experience to bring more people into our beautiful downtown core and explore various businesses, storefronts, parks, and more! This was the motivation behind our first long-standing outdoor adventure, Catch Me Outside, where players would both begin and end in our downtown HQ location. We still have this game available today!

Catch Me Outside, one of Improbable Escapes' outdoor escape rooms.

Catch Me Outside, one of Improbable Escapes' outdoor escape rooms.

And with another year, more experience under our belt, and longing for creating more games, we have officially created our second long-standing outdoor adventure. And boy oh boy, is it a good one! It's called Kingston is a GHOST TOWN (Ghost Town for short), and takes players throughout a brand new route where they stop at some of Kingston's most haunted locations (hint: Skeleton Park may be a location in this game). The game is completely family friendly, and showcases many downtown storefronts along the way (like Trailhead and Northside Espresso + Kitchen, some of my favourite downtown spots!). The game is completely family friendly (think along the same lines of Ghostbusters), and you have up to 90 minutes to complete the game!

Kingston is a GHOST TOWN , Improbable Escapes' newest outdoor escape room

Kingston is a GHOST TOWN, Improbable Escapes' newest outdoor escape room

The game opens on July 6th, and bookings are now open! Visit Kingston is a GHOST TOWN to learn more, and book here! Leave any questions you have for us in the comment section below!

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