Come Escape for the Animals - Im-PAWS-ible Escapes Day 2017!


They hold us up when the world threatens to break us down, some even feel that they bring us down when we’re feeling on top of the world. The point is whether we like it or not, family is important. Having a good relationship with the people in your family sets you up to be happier because being connected to someone, even if only by blood, makes a person happy. This means all of the deep connections made with people outside of your bloodline, the lives who happen to take a place in your heart are family too. What happens when one of the members of your family goes missing? Complete heart break.

You may be wondering how this ties into an escape room company, but bear with me and I promise it will make sense!


For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting her, Avonlea Martin is a remarkable woman. She is one of those people who takes their own suffering and finds a way to use it to make a positive difference in the world. On October 26th 2016, her dog, Oakley, ran away and has not been seen since. For many people, animals are not just pets but they are family members and this is especially true for Avonlea. For months Avonlea and the supporting community did all they could to try and find him. On February 28th 2017, Avonlea made a final post on the Bring Oakley Home Facebook page. He has still not been found but this hasn’t stopped Avonlea’s efforts to make a positive difference.

Enter Improbable Escapes.

About 3 months ago Avonlea proposed an idea to us. Being an IE enthusiast, she saw the opportunity to do some sort of fundraising event with us. All of us here at Improbable Escapes are animal lovers. We each have many relished memories and experiences with animals. Of course, after hearing her story we knew we had to do something. On June 8th 2017, Improbable Escapes will be hosting Im-PAWS-ible Escapes Day! On the day of the event, 50% of ALL game sales will be donated to the Kingston Humane Society(KHS). We’re very excited about this event. Money donations aside, we want to promote the KHS Adoption Program. The best way to make a difference for KHS animals is to adopt them and give them furever homes. Below are just some of the animals currently available for adoption through the Kingston Humane Society:

Ultimately family goes beyond blood, family is made of those who are in your life, love you AND want the best for you. No matter the species.

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