Our Grand Re-Opening and One Year of business celebration has come and gone! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate us, our business and our new location!

We have finally had a chance to sit down to tell you all about our new space!

At the end of May we closed down our 298 Bagot location and made a BIG move (across the street to be exact), into 303 Bagot .

While it’s been very exciting to see our business grow, it hasn’t all been sweet treats and coffees (although I’m pretty sure that’s all our team has been running on for the past few weeks). From building our new games, closing down our old space to opening up our new space, it’s hard to believe we have already been in our new space for over a month!

We are so excited to be in our new, bigger space and excited to share it with all of you!

From building walls within our four walls, dealing with leaking pipes and power issues, there has been no shortage of challenges. But throughout the downs, we’ve had ups as well!

Opening new games, Schoolyard Crush, and Coroner’s Report. Adding new people to the Improbable Escapes Team. Seeing new players, and welcoming back returning players. It’s all business, as they say.

If you haven’t come by to check out our new space yet, please do! We would love to host you in one of our new games, or even if it’s just to say hello!

Melissa Eapen