Bring your Class to Improbable Escapes!

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The end of the school year is about a month away and you're probably wondering. what am I doing to do with all of these kids?! Especially as soon as they hear the words FIELD TRIP! There's something about those words that just make kids lose their minds with excitement!

You could take them on a tour of a historic building that they don't really care about. You could take them to Canada's Wonderland or to a water park, and run the risk of possibly losing some children. Or... you could bring them to Improbable Escapes! The newest fun thing to do with kids of all ages(yes, even the kids at heart), and a little break for you too while your students are "locked in". 

And before you ask yourself, how does an escape room fit into our curriculum, because we know you will ask!

Let us tell you how: 

teamwork escape room
  • Teamwork and Leadership: Escape rooms provide an environment where your students will have to work together as a team to complete the escape room. 


  • Critical Thinking: Your students will have to use critical thinking to solve various types of puzzles and decipher different information to escape from the room
  • Perseverance & Adaptability: You've taught your students to never give up when things get tough, and an escape room can put those skills to the test. They will need to persevere as a team to overcome tough situations, and adapt to the changing environment and emotions


  • Communication Skills: Students will need to communicate with each other to complete the escape room. Using different forms of communication to relay information to each other

Your students will learn a lot of valuable skills and get to use the ones they've been taught in the classroom in a fun environment!

Bring your class to Improbable Escapes for your end of the year trip, or talk to us about arranging something for your school trip for the next school year!

Book your game here or give us a call to talk about your options!