The New Date Night Activity: Escape Rooms

If you're like most couples, you've got at least one night set aside every week on your calendar that's labelled "DATE NIGHT". And depending on the interests of you and your significant other(SO), what you choose to do on your date night, can be different from what others choose to do. But may we suggest something different for you to do on your next date night: 

An Escape Room

Now you might be asking yourself, what is an escape room and why would I want to do it with my SO. Well, you just sit tight and we will tell you all of those reasons, but first, what is an escape room. 

what is an escape room

An escape room is a live action experience where you are "locked in" and have to think outside the box to find clues, solve puzzles, open many different types of locks and then, if you're lucky, hopefully escape out of the room before your clock stops ticking! Sounds fun, right?

Now, onto why you should bring your significant other here to Improbable Escapes!

1. It's something different to do!

We are all looking for something new to do with our significant others, rather than doing the same old same old, step outside of your comfort zone a little and get "locked in" to a room together, that's pretty romantic right?

2. You can do it just the two of you, or double date!

Many people believe escape rooms are something you have to do with a BIG group of people, but that's not the case at all. In fact, we recommend a group of 2-6 people for our games, to ensure everyone has a great time, but we do have space for more people in each game. The great thing with our games too, is that they're all private bookings, so whether you book the game for just two of you, or a few more, it will be just you in there, no strangers! 

3. You can learn [a lot] about each other:

Believe it or not, escape rooms can reveal a lot about people's personality traits. It can show how well people deal with stressful situations, their communication skills, whether they're a leader or a follower. All important things to find out about your significant other, we think anyways!

4. It's better than going to a movie

When we go to the movies, we sit there beside each other for upwards of 3 hours not being able to speak to each other because the person behind you will "shhhhhh!" you. Why do we do that to ourselves? When you come to an escape room, you have nothing but time to talk to each other, in fact 1 whole hour to do so! Sounds like a pretty great way to spend an hour with someone you love,  doesn't it?!

5. It's only an hour - you can still do something before/after

One whole hour. That's all it takes to play an escape room, some are even shorter. What this means is it's not going to take up your whole evening! You can go to dinner before or after, or even hit up a movie after if you're wanting to pack all of your fun into one evening!


If these reasons have convinced you of coming to Improbable Escapes to join us for an escape, come visit us and we will take great care of you and your hunny! We can also plan special events in our games too, birthdays, proposals, let us know how we can make the experience special for you!

We hope to see you soon at Improbable Escapes and "Like" our Facebook page to stay in the loop for new games and other exciting things happening this year!