Happy February!

We hope you are all having a fantastic 2017 so far! We’ve been busy, as per usual! A couple weeks ago we closed down our Naughty or Nice game for the season, what a great game! We hope a lot of you got to check it out and scratch your name off the Naughty list for the year!

But, as one game ends, another begins! I wanted to tell you a little bit about our Date Night game that is happening this weekend. And, if you are one of the lucky 100 people who will get to enjoy this game, we can’t wait to hear what your thoughts were on the game! And, if you missed out this time around, which don’t worry, many people did (this game sold out in less than 48 hours!), we hope to bring many more fun experiences like this to you this year!

Date Night

So, what is this Date Night game?

Well, it’s less of an escape room and more of a scavenger hunt. We have partnered up with Colliding Scopes Theatre and many downtown Kingston businesses to bring this unique one night only event to you! Colliding Scopes is helping bring this event to life, the actors in the company will be heavily involved in the delivery of this event!

Everyone who booked a spot for Date Night received one of these calls, we got some weird responses, some hang ups, but for the most part we were met with excitement from everyone who received their mission.

The mission: track down the notorious Mr. and Mrs. X and intercept the drop off of the Elizabeth Jubilee Star Diamond that they’ve stolen.

Agents will be travelling throughout downtown Kingston, stopping in at various downtown businesses, each business taking them closer to their end goal of intercepting the diamond and stopping Mr. and Mrs. X.

We would like to give a shout out to all of the businesses helping out with the great event (hold on, it’s a long list):

We would like to thank all of the above businesses for agreeing to participate in this event and for keeping your doors open a little bit later on a Friday night so we could bring this event to the people of Kingston!

Stay tuned to find out which agents are successful in intercepting the diamond drop off, and if you see anyone out and about on Friday night wearing a Date Night pin, wish them luck on their mission!

If you’re looking to book an escape for you and your sweetie for a date night, look no further than our Love Letter Lockdown or Great Maple Syrup Heist games, both can be played with just 2 people and are private bookings, so it will be just you two!

Thanks for following along as we shape up for a busy 2017, there will be many more games and blogs coming your way!

Melissa Eapen