We're Bringing Back Catch Me Outside, Improbable Escapes' Outdoor Adventure!

Now that it's finally warming up, we're looking for every excuse to be outside (imagine a cold drink on a sunny patio, a nice walk outside, the warm sun). I don't know about you, but I'm really excited to be outdoors this summer after our really long and cold winter.

The Origin Story

About this time last year, we were trying to think of a brand new product we could bring to Kingston. We love traditional escape room games (obviously), but we like to push the boundaries with the different types of games we create. This is what originally pushed us to create games at historic sites throughout Kingston - can you believe we've been doing this for 3 years now?! Last summer we knew we would be at Murney Tower, but thought it would be fun to also create an outdoor game that would take players throughout the streets of Downtown Kingston. 

Earlier in 2017, we ran a game called Date Night in February to test whether or not we could successfully create a game through Downtown Kingston- and it was a blast! We had 150 couples sign up, and they solved puzzles both inside businesses and along the streets of Downtown Kingston. Players received a phone call from a secret agent to receive their start time, and then the adventure began! We had a lot of fun with the participating businesses, such as Musiikki Cafe, The Alibi, 1000 Islands Soap Company, The Public House, MLT DWN, and so many other fantastic businesses. The night went off without a hitch, so we knew that the idea would work!

Thus, the idea of Catch Me Outside was born...

Improbable Escapes' first outdoor adventure: Catch Me Outside

I know what you're thinking: 

You're not wrong.

We started working on creating Catch Me Outside with the idea that we would want both local players and tourists to be able to explore the streets of Downtown Kingston in a fun and unique way. And we think we hit the nail on the head! Catch Me Outside begins and ends in our facility, but takes you on a bit of an adventure through the city. I don't want to give away too many spoilers, so you're going to have to play the game to find out!

outdoor game kingston improbable escapes

The Backstory

Your great grandfather has passed away leaving you an inheritance. You have been given specific instructions to go and visit the family lawyer, G. Dempster, to find out about it. Upon arriving at the lawyer’s office, you realize that your family lawyer has stolen your inheritance! Hot on his tail, you have an hour to try to get your inheritance back. 

The Details

Catch Me Outside runs Tuesdays - Sundays, at $17.70 + tax per person. 

  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Family friendly adventure themed experience
  • Accommodates 2-8 players, 4-6 is recommended
  • Private booking: It will only be you and your team in the game
  • Not a traditional escape room: takes you throughout downtown Kingston
  • Meeting Place: 303 Bagot Street, Improbable Escapes
  • Dress comfortably and for the weather
  • Take advantage of the summer weather and play an escape room game outside!
  • BONUS: Please bring an item from your home, of little value, to place in our time capsule. In return, you will have your choice of items currently in the capsule! For example: a mug.

Psst. Rumour has it we will be opening a second outdoor game this summer where things may feel a bit... upside down. Stay tuned!

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