We're Starting A Web Series!

... and it's going to be awesome!

For a while, we've been playing with the idea of vlogs and creating more videos to showcase Improbable Escapes. Escape games are often hard to describe, but much easier to understand when you watch a video about them. After attempting to create a few vlogs here and there, we've decided that 2018 is the perfect year to kick off our new web series: Behind The Keys with Improbable Escapes.

behind the keys with Improbable Escapes

For those that have been following us for a while, you probably already know that we opened in Kingston in the summer of 2015. Both of the owners come from an escape room background, and we were excited to move to Kingston from western Ontario to share fun puzzles with the Limestone City! 

Starting a company was stressful, and came with many ups and downs. We learned lots, failed here and there, and succeeded in many situations! When we first opened, the escape room industry in Canada was in its infancy. We started documenting our journey in blog posts and sometimes some vlogs, and would often talk to other escape room owners about their similar experiences. It was nice to know that we weren't alone!

After running into some ridiculous situations towards the end of 2017, we thought we would officially start a web series to document the inner workings of our escape room and interact more with our awesome customers and fellow Escape Rooms! 

We'll be releasing episodes every Tuesday, with a live video on the second Tuesday of every month (starting in February) at 10 AM EST. The live video will be hosted by our game development team, where you can ask them any questions! Comment below with any of your questions that you would like to see answered in our first video. You can also email any ideas to melissa@improbableescapes.com.

Make sure to follow us on our YouTube channel and Facebook page to follow Behind The Keys. Happy Escaping!


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