Big News for our 2018 Season!

We've got some big, exciting news and can't believe we are finally able to tell you about it!

We're getting into Kingston Pen!!!!

This is a relationship we have been working on for quite a while and would be the be all end all for us here at Improbable Escapes! After much poking and prodding of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, they have finally given us the go ahead!

Excuse us while we happy dance:

The game is set to open on April 1, 2018 and will be a long standing game to be an add-on package to your Kingston Pen Tour. 

This is something we have been hoping to nail down since putting up our first historic pop-up game in Fort Henry in October 2015. Since then we have had success with many other pop-up locations such as Murney Tower and Bellevue House and most recently this year with Upper Canada Village and Fort Wellington. 

We couldn't be more excited about all that this year is going to bring for us and now we're super excited for our 2018 season!

And if you've read this far..... we're sorry!


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