A Practical Reality PT 2

The Placement

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As I was saying earlier on, in the AMC program we learn a LOT of different strategy tactics and many skills. I had explored many of the different marketing aspects, but again, without a chance to actually implement my ideas my assignments felt more tedious than educational and not as experiential as I would like. Working with Improbable Escapes(IE), I have been able to implement an idea that my group and I proposed to them when they were our client, and hone my content, social media, and strategic marketing skills.

The Part Where I'm Star-Struck

This placement was a very fortuitous opportunity for me in more ways than just marketing practice. While doing my placement with IE, I was led by amazing amazing amazing women. I was able to work closely with Becca Snowdon,  her position as the IE Communications Manager made her my placement manager and (I’d like to think) my mentor. I’m not kidding when I tell you that my eyes have been opened to improved time management skills (if you haven’t tried Asana, you should). Becca is quite fun to work with, and her creativity in regards to marketing is, for lack of a better word, awesome. Emphasis on the “awe”. Melissa and Emma are just downright extraordinary people. These women are CONSTANTLY on the go, I swear even their downtime is on the go. Melissa is always meeting with people; customers, local businesses, community groups, Kedco, etc. Emma, who heads game development, is constantly working on creating puzzles, logical flow, and ensuring that everything makes sense and works. The rest of the team have energy that is contagious. It’s hard not to be swept away by their laughter and excitement for the games. The Improbable Escapes Team truly is a team. It’s amazing to see a group of people genuinely support the other roles and positions within the group.

 Thank You!

As my placement comes to an end, I feel a little sad. I had fun “working” at Improbable Escapes. A lot of it actually! It’s quite easy to get lost in the passion of the projects here. I’m very blessed to have done my placement with Improbable Escapes. I’ve learned so much and expanded on what I knew. I know now that I have chosen a career path that I will always be excited to pursue. I have faith in myself and my skills for when I enter the workforce (before, like most students, my faith was almost nonexistent). I’m deeply grateful. Grateful for the opportunity, grateful to meet such wonderful people and grateful that Improbable Escapes has given me confidence to succeed. Thank you IE, for taking a chance on me and inspiring me.

  • Drae Marciano

Becca Snowdon