Catch Me Outside - Frequently Asked Questions

Finally the sunshine has arrived here in Kingston and we are so excited for the season ahead! 

A couple of weeks ago we opened bookings for our newest game - Catch Me Outside. While this game will be a bit of a longer standing experience, book it while you've got the chance! It will only be here for a limited time!

Because this game is a little bit different, we thought we would take some time to answer some of the questions people have been asking!

  1. Is this an escape room? Simple answer, no. This game is not a traditional escape room as you are not "locked in" to a room, so there is no escaping needed. It is more of an experience. You will still need to find clues and solve them, and you will open locks, but it's different because you're also exploring downtown Kingston at the same time!
  2. How long does the game take? This game will take 60 minutes to complete. All teams will need to complete the game and all puzzles in the 60 minute time limit for it to be a successful attempt at the game.
  3. How many people can play? This game will be a game that can be played with a minimum of 2 players, and a maximum of 8. It will be a private game booking, as all of our games are, so you will only be playing with the people you choose to play with!
  4. Will the game still happen if it's raining? This game will run whether it's a sunshine-y day or not, so please make sure you dress for the weather that is expected for the day you have booked your game. Games will only be cancelled in the event of severe weather. 
  5. Is there any physical limitations with the game? As mentioned, this game will take you around downtown Kingston, so there will be a fair amount of walking involved. The game should take about 60 minutes to complete, and you can expect to be walking around downtown for at least 40 of those minutes. Children are welcome to play the game, little ones can be placed in strollers or carriers while the game is being played.

If you have any questions that we missed, post them in the comments below and we will answer them there for you!

There is also one more really important detail that should be mentioned about the game as well, we will be doing a time capsule. How does this work? 

We will be placing items into the time capsule that we have carefully selected. Each person who plays the game will be asked to bring along an item, something they have lying around their house, and trade it in for something someone else has added to the time capsule. This only works if everyone remembers to bring their item! 

We hope this has cleared up some of your questions about the game and hopefully prompts you to book it! This game will be a lot of fun and is bound to give you lasting memories as well! 

Booking your game here or give us a call and we can answer any other questions you may have and book the game for you as well - 1-800-570-0436 ext 1!

Are you ready to Catch Me Outside?