Improbable Escapes Goes to Transworld

Almost 2 weeks ago now, our Game Development team traveled down to St. Louis, Missouri to attend the 2017 Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show. Can you believe there's conferences for things like escape rooms and haunted houses? As you'll remember we attended the Chicago Room Escape Conference back in August.

So what is Transworld:

  • It's the only show of its kind in the world!
  • For over 2 decades the show has created a network opportunity for the Haunted House industry and most recently has included the Escape Room industry, in its very own Escape Room City on the tradeshow floow
  • The show is a MUST SEE for anyone planning to move into the Haunt industry in any way, such as setting up horror themed escape games, with so many exhibitors and products in one place, it's your one stop shop for everything you need to scare the pants off your potential customers
It was a tough day at Transworld for Iain - Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show 2017

It was a tough day at Transworld for Iain - Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show 2017

We attended Transworld for the first time last year and it was a great experience for us as we were planning to open a long standing horror themed escape game at our location, Coroner's Report. If you still haven't played this game, you should!

We came away from the show with a lot of inspiration for Coroner's Report but also for future horror and Halloween themed games, which we do every year at Fort Henry.

Emma, Iain and Adam were our representation at Transworld this year. We took our Jail Cell Game on the road, which is a short 10 minute escape game that we created for the purpose of taking it on the road to various events. So far, it's clocked a lot of mileage in just a month since creating it and is booked in to many other events this year! 

Here's what our Game Development team had to say about their experience this year!

They played three escape rooms: Zombie Road House, Egypt, and Subway. The Egypt and Subway environments were unbelievably good, Egypt might be the best Adam's ever seen! The Subway game they played with a another group of seven which further proved to them the benefit to keeping all of our games as private bookings at Improbable Escapes, whether at our downtown location, or historic pop-ups.

For the show, the booth was very well received and it seemed clear that we had a very good idea of what people were looking for. There's a very easy transition from haunt to escape rooms. Haunt people already know how to make killer(pun intended) sets, but some are lacking in the puzzle department, which is where we can help!

The Game Dev team had some good food as well! They tried to eat at little hidden gems that they remembered from last year, where "the wait was 42,000 years." It seems the highlight of their food experiences(and quite possibly the trip) was when a random guy handed Adam a pork rib with his bare hands while they were waiting in line at a restaurant.

We're excited to be hitting the road again in a few weeks when we head off to Escape to the North which will be taking place in Buffalo, New York.