Escape Your Exams at Improbable Escapes

Hey Students!

We know you've been working hard for the past few months and it's all come down to these last few weeks where you're forced to remember things you learned months ago. 

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We've all been there. Staying up to all hours of the morning trying to cram as much information into your head as you can so you can blurt it all out on paper the next day, hoping you've done enough.

If you're finished up your exams, congrats to you for making it through! And if you're not quite there yet; the end is so close! Stop binge watching Netflix, grab those textbooks and instead of calculating what grade you need to pass, just learn the information! We know, easier said than done! Don't give up, we're rooting for you!

If you're looking for something fun to do to take a break from reading those textbooks, or if you need something to clear your head, come see us at Improbable Escapes!

There's a game for everyone here and we even have a student promotion where you can save some money, since we know OSAP likely ran out a couple weeks ago! 

All day every day you can save $5 for you and your student friends at Improbable Escapes. We just need to see that valid student ID card so we can verify, or bring us an exam you wrote this April! 

Why clear your head with an escape room?

Escape rooms provide the opportunity for you to push the boundaries of reality for an hour. You will be immersed in a world completely separate from your reality which allows you the opportunity to escape. The fun and challenging atmosphere that will force you to think outside the box, creatively and laterally while giving you a nice break from studying!

Also, a much safer alternative to drinking a way your troubles and study stresses. Spend some time with friends "locked in" a room, then you can go drinking after! Remember our video we posted on St. Paddy's Day about how drinking before an escape room is a terrible idea(see below)! It really is!


We want to help you celebrate all your hard work this semester, come see us for an escape and we'll be sure to deliver you a fun-filled hour with your study buddies before you jump into your next stage... finding a job!

Good luck to those still writing and to everyone else, we hope to see you soon!