Spring Lineup & Cleanup

spring cleaning escape room

There’s something about Springtime that inspires everyone to start over, new beginnings are everywhere, and we are certainly not immune to this either.

If you’ve been to our location in the past few weeks and have heard the power tools or had your game host explain to you that we are currently building a new game, you’ll know that a new beginning is certainly on the horizon for us! Since moving into our new space in June 2016 and opening our new games, we are always asked “When will there be a new game?”.

We are always discussing and planning new games, whether they are games that will go up in our permanent location, at 303 Bagot Street, or games that will take you through some of Kingston’s historic buildings, there is always something in the works!

Did you know:

  • It takes about 6 months for a game to come to fruition. From the ideation, to the planning, to the building and beta-testing. The process of opening a new room is quite extensive, and we try to do as much of it in house as we can!

  • This year we will see the most growth yet with new games opening at our downtown location, but also expanding into some new pop-up locations too! There will be no shortage of games for you to play this year!

  • We have a game development team that is responsible for all of our games. Emma, one of the owners of Improbable Escapes, Iain who began as a game host with the company and quickly found his love for creating games, and Adam who is our tech guy and makes some pretty incredible things happen in our games. These 3 are the head of game development, but everyone on the team has a hand in creating or testing different things for the rooms

Something else that has been keeping us busy lately is some serious spring cleaning. As I’m sure you can imagine, we collect a lot of things! Some items get collected for their eventual use in a game. Some get hung on to from previous games, even though it has no purpose, and some we just collect because it's cool!

When we moved from our old location, there were a number of things that came with us, purely for nostalgic purposes. Things that we could find months later and say "hey, remember this?" But, this time of year is a great time of year to say goodbye to some of those things, and get ready for bigger and better things. Pass it off to someone else who could use it.

So, if you need us, we'll just be over here building games and tidying up, but don't worry games are still running here while all of that's going on, so come join us for an escape room!

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